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Palletkraft Corrugated Pallets -
  • Research and development
    • Inhouse R&D.
    • Extensive Portfolio of standard products.
    • Customised products.
    • Mass manufacturing process.
    • Product/s integration in manufacturing process.
    • Packaging/Logistic/Pallet industry experience.
  • Superior products
    • In Performance.
    • Concept of design.
    • Performance integrity assured by:
      • control of design
      • raw material specification

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  • Turn key solutions
    • Proven business model.
    • Mass production process.
    • Raw material sourcing scheme.
    • Full service support.
  • Global acceptance
    • New global environmental trend.
    • Accepted by key industries:
      • Logistics
      • Paper
      • Corrugated
    • Accepted by market leading multinational coorporations
  • Unique concepts
    • In business model.
    • Approach to market.
    • In products and manufacturing.
  • Partnership
    • Licensing agreements.
    • Financial investments:
      • minority stakes within specific subsidiaries
      • minority stakes within Palletkraft Europe Ltd.
    • Operational partners:
      • logistic industry
      • forest industry
      • packaging industry
      • pallet industry
  • Disruptive technology
    • "New to world products".
    • Superior product performance.
    • Competitive material and manufacturing cost.
    • Strong IP protection worldwide.
  • Research and development
  • Superior products
  • Turn key solutions
  • Global acceptance
  • Unique concepts
  • Partnership
  • Disruptive technology
Years of
Joint research
Pallets per hour
(mass production)
innovation environmental care consistency simplicity
commitment efficiency passion sustainability
determination creativity teamwork diversity
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Becoming the leader in european environmentally friendly logistics. Palletkraft is open to collaborate with people and companies who share this ambition. Looking for:

  • Operational partners in:
    • Logistic industry
    • Paper industry
    • Packaging industry
    • Pallet industry
  • International Licensing Agreements in European countries
Become a partner
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