We deliver 21st Century logistic solutions in selected segments of the pallet industry. Palletkraft is the first company to provide complete concept of “corrugated pallets” with performance never experienced before.

Palletkraft at a glance

Palletkraft Europe Ltd. is a Franchise focused on logistics solutions within pallet industry made from renewable and recycable raw materias. The Company aims to establish new sector in pallet industry, using advanced business model to meet “Disruptive technology” projects standards. Complete product range meet industry performance criteria at competitive cost and can be mass produced.

Palletkraft pallet design concept offers significant competitive advantages over other alternatives on the market.


Corporate mission

We supply high-quality innovative pallets and packaging solutions, based on renewable and recycable raw materials, protecting the environment, people and products.


Becoming the Leader in Pallet and Packaging Solutions based on Renewable and Recycable Raw Materials.


PALLETKRAFT® is a worldwide registered trademark.

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Corporate information

Palletkrat Europe Ltd.
120 Baker Street
London, W1U 6TY
United Kingdom

Registered No.: 07998241
VAT Registration No: 181 3024 40

Considerable Packaging, Logistic and Pallet industry experience

Palletkraft has spent two years in market research, additional three years on research and development doing field tests, market awareness, trend setting and initial commercialisation, before commercial sales began in 2015.

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Becoming the leader in european environmentally friendly logistics. Palletkraft is open to collaborate with people and companies who share this ambition. Looking for:

  • Operational partners in:
    • Logistic industry
    • Paper industry
    • Packaging industry
    • Pallet industry
  • International Licensing Agreements in European countries
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