Superior and attractive design. Green - Eco - Sustainable

Environmental benefits

  • Consistent with EC Roadmap towards Low-Carbon BioEconomy (Kyoto Memorandum - 80% reduction of CO2 emissions)
  • Labelled as organic product
  • Fully recycable - made of sustainable raw materials
  • Up to 85% lighter than wooden pallets resulting in savings in packaging waste
  • Hygienic product (Food Industry Standards Compliant - GMP)
  • Compliant with International shipping regulations/Export ready (Free of pest infestation, no fumigation or heat treatment needed)


  • Meets new standards and EU directive
  • Significant performance and cost advantages
  • Logistical simplification by one-time use
  • Damage reduction (superior vibration & shock absorption)
  • Lighten your load and reduce freight costs
  • Customisable and cost-effective
  • Packaging simplification & product consistency
  • Distribution center capable, total packaging concept
  • Improved consumer & employee safety
  • Tested and proven to highhest industry standards


to 2€
per pallet
Freight truck transportation savings Wooden pallets 18-25 kg / Palletkraft pallets: 3-4 kg
Up to 10% more volume
per truck
Volumetric advantage Palletkraft pallets at 9 - 11 cm thick are up to 37% slimmer than standard wooden pallets
600 to
1,200 kg
per truck
More product load per truck Due to the 14 - 22 kg lighter weight difference per pallet
80% better than wooden
Better shock absorption Up to 10 % less transportation damage using Palletkraft pallets
to 0.5€
per pallet
Recycling cashback price for corrugated cardboard Palletkraft pallets are 100% recyclable
to 1.3€
Environmental & packaging tax Due to the weight difference between Palletkraft and wooden pallets
to 5.5€
per pallet
Hidden cost of wooden pallets Pallet: transportation, theft, repairs, administration, storage, injuries
Disposal: temporary import fee, labour cost, packaging tax, ...
Total savings with Palletkraft pallets between 2€ to 8.5€ per pallet!


Become a partner

Becoming the leader in european environmentally friendly logistics. Palletkraft is open to collaborate with people and companies who share this ambition. Looking for:

  • Operational partners in:
    • Logistic industry
    • Paper industry
    • Packaging industry
    • Pallet industry
  • International Licensing Agreements in European countries
Become a partner