We strive to be innovative, environmentally responsible corporation and share this ambition with our clients.

  • Consistent with EC Roadmap towards Low-Carbon Bio Economy (Kyoto Memorandum - 80% reduction of CO2 emissions).
  • Labelled as organic product.
  • Based on renewable and recycable raw materials.
  • Up to 85% lighter than alternative solutions.
  • Hygienic product (Food Industry Standards Compliant-GMP).
  • Compliant with International shipping regulations/Export ready (Free of pest infestation, no fumigation or heat treatment needed) .

EU Directive 2000/29/ES

The Kyoto Memorandum is the EC Roadmap basis for reducing carbon dioxide emissions thru packaging and other industry standards.

Environmental Awareness

Palletkraft is on the mission to establish new sector in pallet industry as an environmentally friendly alternative to existing products.

Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions

A targeted 80% reduction of CO2 emissions by the year 2050 was announced at the CEPI annual meeting. This is the European Commission’s roadmap launched in March 2011 working towards a low-carbon bio economy.

Become a partner

Becoming the leader in european environmentally friendly logistics. Palletkraft is open to collaborate with people and companies who share this ambition. Looking for:

  • Operational partners in:
    • Logistic industry
    • Paper industry
    • Packaging industry
    • Pallet industry
  • International Licensing Agreements in European countries
Become a partner